About Us

Based in Kansas City, WYCO is an apparel brand focused on delivering customization and individualization through interchangeable fashion and accessories.

We noticed a common theme with sunglasses -- they were boring and rarely expressed our personalities and style. And, most of the time, they were expensive.

Our mood and style are constantly changing throughout the day and week. How we feel and dress at 8 am on Monday is vastly different than 10 pm on Saturday. We coordinate our outfits. We cheer on our sports teams. We show off our unique style. And up until now, we spoil it by slapping on a pair of boring shades.

So we set out to create a quality and affordable pair of sunglasses that allowed us to truly reflect our own personal style. Any mood. Any team. Any style. 

WYCO interchangeable sunglasses, allow you to customize your style on the fly with easily interchangeable pieces. No tools. No hassles. It takes less than 30 seconds to completely redesign your look for the day. Just sweet sunglasses and your own creativity.

With 7000 different combinations, WYCO is truly the building blocks of style.